Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ninth Circuit Practitioners: Time To Sign Up For Electronic Notifications

It’s time for all appellate practioners to join the Ninth Circuit as it strides into the 20th Century by taking the first step toward electronic case management and filings. On January 25, 2008, the Clerk’s office provided registration instructions for a new system starting on March 3, 2008, that will provide electronic notification by email – “Notice of Docket Activity” – of any actions the Ninth Circuit takes in your case. The Clerk’s statement regarding implementation of this program, as well as the link to the registration form, is available here. You and other designated recipients will receive an email stating action has been taken and, with a click, you receive one free download of the document, which should be available also through PACER.

Prompt notification of decisions in our cases seems like progress. The process looks simple: you click the bottom line on the notice linked above to request a registration form; the Clerk emails a form to you; you click the link to the form and fill it out with as many addresses as you want notification; then click submit.

The Clerk plans to go to full Electronic Case Files this summer. We should stay ahead of the curve by registering and starting to receive communications at our desks without waiting for snail mail.

Steve Sady, Chief Deputy Federal Public Defender, Portland, Oregon


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