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Case o' The Week: Ninth Unmoved by The Miller's Tale - Wire Fraud Jury Instructions

Prosecutorial misconduct puts fraud conviction on “Thin Ice.”

The "Thin Ice" Band, with Victim-Company Owner Russ Lesser, AUSA Greg Lesser, and James Miller

 United States v. Miller, 2020 WL 1317275 (9th Cir. Mar. 20, 2020), decision available here.

Players: Decision by DJ Rakoff, joined by Judges Watford and Bennett.  

Facts: James Miller took money without authorization by writing himself checks from the business for which he worked. Id. at *2. The business was owned by Russ Lesser.
   Russ Lesser’s son, AUSA Greg Lesser, owned a stake of the company. AUSA Greg Lesser called his friend in the FBI, who connected him to FBI Special Agent Joseph Swanson. Id. at *3 & n.2. “Shortly after,” Agent Swanson informed AUSA Lesser that the feds were investigating the case. Id.
  Miller was charged with wire fraud and filing false tax returns. Id. at *2. At trial, his defense was that he had always intended to (and eventually did) repay back the full amount he took from the company. Id. at *3. He requested a jury instruction that required proof that he had the intent to both deceive and cheat the company. That instruction was denied, and it was instead given in the disjunctive. Id.
  Miller was convicted.

Issue(s): “[W]hether the jury charge misstated the law by instructing that wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 1343 requires the intent to ‘deceive or cheat’ rather than the intent to ‘deceive and cheat.’” Id. at *1 (emphasis in original).

Held: “We conclude that the charge was erroneous. Several other circuit courts have long held that the crime of wire fraud requires the specific intent to utilize deception to deprive the victim of money or property, i.e., to cheat the victim, and we now align the law of the Ninth Circuit with that of the other circuits and with recent Supreme Court precedent. Nevertheless, we find that the erroneous instruction was harmless in this case.” Id.

Of Note: Miller also involves a jaw-dropping example of prosecutorial misconduct. As noted above, the son of the owner of the victim company was CD Cal AUSA Greg Lesser. Id. at *3. (AUSA Lesser owned a stake in his dad’s company). Id. AUSA Lesser called friends at the FBI to report Miller at the outset of the case, and Lesser remained involved in the investigation. Id. When AUSA Lesser’s supervisors learned of this involvement (three weeks into the investigation!), the CD Cal USAO conflicted out. The San Diego USAO prosecuted the case. Id.
  AUSA Lesser still, however, continued contact with FBI Special Agent Joseph Swanson, who was investigating the case. Id.
  The District Court denied Miller’s motion to dismiss for prosecutorial misconduct, and the Ninth – while finding that the improper conduct was “clear” – nonetheless upheld the district court. Id. at *7-*8.
  A disappointing holding, in a case involving shocking conduct by a self-interested federal prosecutor.

How to Use: The Ninth’s holding on the conjunctive fraud instruction is a welcome change, that brings the Circuit in line with other circuits and SCOTUS. Id. at *4-*6. 
  Before embracing a defense based on that instruction, however, read Miller carefully. Even with a conjunctive instruction, “Intent to repay . . . is not a defense to wire fraud.” Id. at *6. The “loan” defense to fraud, rejected by the Ninth in Treadwell, still doesn’t work – despite the new fraud instruction required by Miller. *6 & n.10
For Further Reading: The hottest NorCal hearing next week is an innocuous-looking civil proceeding before the Honorable Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins: Babu et al v. Ahern. See court calendar here

The Honorable Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins
  In Babu, civil rights plaintiffs representing inmates at Santa Rita Jail are hunting for the jail’s mysterious 80-page COVID-19 manual. This is a rumored document that the USAO and ND Cal Court have apparently been given, and that AUSAs expressly rely upon while fighting pretrial release, but that has still not been provided to any defense counsel. 
  Notably, last week a Santa Rita Jail nurse tested positive for COVID-19, see Mercury News Article here. As a result, two SRJ units with federal prisoners are now on quarantine.
  Three hundred and fourteen state and county defendants have now been released from Santa Rita Jail to respond to the COVID-19 risk. See article here
  In marked contrast, with the exception of former Presidentsfederal pretrial inmates are not being released in NorCal in response to COVID-19.
  What fate awaits our desperate federal clients in Santa Rita Jail, if widespread release doesn’t happen soon? For a thoroughly terrifying description of the scenarios ahead for state prisons and jails, see David Montgomery, ‘Prisons are Bacteria Factories’; Elderly Most at Risk, available here

Image of the Honorable Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins from

Steven Kalar, Federal Public Defender N.D. Cal. Website at

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